Supporting us on a regular basis

We couldn't exist without the support of people who regularly donate each month.

If this is something you'd like to do, then the best place is through the Parish Giving Scheme.

It allows you to give regularly each month, and enables us to recoup the Gift Aid too.

You can set it up online by clicking the button, or via telephone by calling the number below.

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Make a one off donation

The  donations you make to St John's church in Wortley &Farnley make a such difference to the life and work of the church.

It costs us £1100 per week to run our church.

Obviously, in this time of Covid, many of us are finding our finances squeezed, but you can give a one off donation.

The QR code on the left takes you to our SumUp account where you can make a one off donation of however little or large you would like.

Or click the button below: it takes you to the same place.