Praying Together


Whether our church buildings are open or shut, our church life continues!


Well, what a few years!

The church building was open, then closed, then opened, then closed, and, now open again!

Well, we're back onsite and using all our buildings and slowly working our way to resuming all our services and events: the only good thing about Covid, is that lots of things that we tried and started during this time have proved so popular that we're continuing them.

We recognise that people are feeling very differently about Covid - some are very relaxed and feel that the worst is over. Some of us are feeling the opposite, and are still rather anxious.

So to make sure that both groups of people (and those in between!) feel welcome, we've made some of the church a social distancing space where face masks are worn and distance is kept.

In the rest of church, people can sit in groups and take off masks if they want.

We'll keep up-to-date with the latest advice.  Do get in touch if you want more information....


Pastoral Care

Helping Each other

We care about each other.  If you need any help, or would like someone to pray for you or even just telephone you, please do get in touch.


Pattern of Worship

All our service are now up and running, complete with a baptism service on the second Sunday of the month.

There are four wonderful services to choose from:

The Classic One at 9am is a beautiful, dignified service, full of recognisable liturgy;

calm, uplifting and reassuring.

Enhanced by our gifted organist, with robed clergy and thoughtful sermons, this Eucharistic Service gathers us around the Altar every week.

The Relaxed One at 10:30 is our new service!

This is the service that is full of energy, children and is a really welcoming, friendly community. This contemporary service aims to ensure that it is relevant to the rest of our week.

Our Online Services continue at 10am every Sunday,

complete with Evening Prayers every night at 7pm,

as well as some special services and events dotted throughout the year - do keep an eye on this website or our Facebook page for more information!

Merging both contemporary and traditional music and liturgy,

it aims to reach out to those in our Parish who might otherwise have not known about us,

and has formed a strong community far beyond the boundaries of our Parish, something we give thanks for.  

For those not comfortable meeting in person

but also without internet access, then we have our Telephone Service too.
Updated most weeks, it allow anyone to phone in

and hear the service at their leisure.
All calls are charged at local rates: 0113 733 6658.

We also have a weekly newsletter with the readings, collects and a homily too.