About us

We're are unashamedly a Parish Church, seeking to serve those in Wortley & Farnley to the best of our ability, creating safe spaces for all to meet with God and explore their faith.

Although we can't be 'all things' we can offer different ways of connecting with God

 - whether that's through the dignity of our 9am Sunday Service, the hustle and bustle of the 10:30 Sunday Service, the fun and laughter of Messy Church, or the contemplation of Taize - 

 we pray that you will find a home that best fits your needs at this time and gives you the means to explore your faith at whatever pace that works best for you.


Our Vision for 2022

You Are Welcome.

3 simple words:

You Are Welcome.

You Are Welcome. 

1. You are welcome to come into God’s presence.

Before Jesus, because God is so perfect, and so incompatible to any sort of sin (things that put ourselves above God, or hurt ourselves and others) there was a complicated method of sacrifice to come into God’s presence.

That complicated method of sacrifice was fulfilled by Jesus and the barrier separating us from god was torn in two, so instead of having to ‘do’ certain things, because of the life, death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ, his love and grace flowed out to everyone and called us home, back into relationship with God himself.  So regardless of what we've done, who we are or where we've come from, we are welcome into the presence of God.   

And so this year we are going to be exploring what that means for us to be welcomed into God's presence.

2. Everyone is Welcome.

Those three words 'You Are Welcome' apply not just for us who are already in the church, but apply to anybody, anywhere, particularly for us in the Parish of Wortley and Farnley.

And so, this year, we are going to go out in as many different ways as we can to share that message of god’s welcome with as many different people as possible. We have those regular events that go on during the week - Toddler Groups, That Friday Feeling that we’d love everyone to feel welcomed too, regardless of whether church is ‘their thing’ or not. We’re going to continue to enjoy and grow our Sunday Services at 09:00, 10:30 and online at 10:00.

We're also going to continue to reach out in lots of different ways as well - we're going to welcome the people in our parish to enjoy different services (such as the Pet Service and the Pop-Up Nativity) and we're going to explore different events (such as the Jubilee weekend). We're going to continue with our giveaways that we regularly do and we're going to continue to get out and about into our community.

3. A welcome to You Parish Church

And of course, you are also welcome because this is your Parish Church. This means that we would love to Christen your child, or baptise you if that is not something that you have done and you would like to explore that. We'd love to be part of your wedding, and we'd love to comfort and be with you in those tricky times of funerals.

You are Welcome.

You are Welcome into God's presence, and You are Welcome to this, Your Parish Church.

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Claire & Chris explain our vision for 2022


Where will you find us?!

The Church itself serves the Parish of Wortley & Farnley which is on the edge of Leeds City Centre. 

However, many of us also come from slightly further afield, and, since the onset of Online Church, significantly further than that!

So wherever you are from, do feel free to come and join us and be part of a Church that is seeking to demonstrate God's love through our actions, our mindset and our words.

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Laura (& brood!)

"We love the acceptance at St. John's and so enjoy catching up, and laughing with friends old and new"

David & Anne

"We love St. John's, it's a source of encouragement, strength and friendship; a place to belong which brings us together with other Christians to worship together in friendly surrounds where we feel comfortable"

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"I wasn't brought up going to Church unless it was for an occasion like a wedding or baptism, and to be honest never felt the need to. That was until 20 years ago, when I felt something was missing & ended up at St.Johns on Christmas Eve. I was made to feel so welcome & began to attend services only to realise that the thing I'd been missing was God."


"St Johns has been there for me all my life, right from Brownies and Guides when I was small, to dancing class and youth club in my teens. I met my husband in St Johns dramatic society, and then married in St Johns.  I met most of my friends here, and I hope it will continue to be there for evermore!"